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Christmas with Ashbourne Baptist Church

Special Christmas Celebrations

We love to celebrate Christmas!
Visitors often join us for our 'Carols by Candlelight' Service each year (except 2020!) and we have several other Carol Services too, and events for groups outside our own church. Ashbourne Christmas Carol Services

One year we started an ABC Nativity Rocks Facebook group ABC Nativity Rocks — we like to change things up occasionally! This was a rock craft and treasure hunt: paint a pebble with a picture or words related to the Nativity and hide it in a public place. Finders posted photos of found rocks on the facebook group, effectively tracking the rocks as they were found and re-hidden.

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2019

Covid Christmas

The Christmas message is so vital to the world - including all the people of Ashbourne - that we couldn't just let Christmas pass us by!

Christmas Carol Nativity pop-up, December 2020 Because we couldn't run our usual Christmas Carol Services during Lockdown 2020, we took a Christmas Carol Nativity Pop-up Trailer around various streets of Ashbourne, local schools and nearby villages, with a Pop-up Christmas Nativity — 'Son et Lumiere' style. Parts of the stable seen lit up to illustrate the relevant sections of Bible readings and hymns. People participated enthusiastically from their own doorways.

'Carols by Candlelight' and other Christmas Carol Services were cancelled in 2020 due to lockdown — hence the need to be inventive with the pop-up Carols trailer. (Our last 'Carols by Candlelight' Service was in 2019 — in the previous decade - roll on Christmas 2021!)

Celebrating Christmas 2021

We're getting there!
Keep watching this space!

While you wait... you could listen to a reminder of other Christmasses... only a click away.

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