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The Hope Course
- from 3rd March 2021, Zoom

The Hope Course flyer New! We're just starting (on Zoom) "The Hope Course" at 7.30 pm on Wednesday evenings. In our brand new course each week we’ll be looking at one of the stories of Jesus in John's Gospel. These are stories of hope, which is why we’ve called it "The Hope Course".

This course isn't just for church people or people who know the Bible. In fact the very opposite - it's for people who've never read the Bible. You just need to be open to looking at the Bible - it's like a book club for the Bible. It's all free and no pressure.

If you can't make it one week, don’t worry – each week is a standalone story, so just dive right back in!

In the first week we'll be looking at a wedding disaster – so feel free to bring along some wedding disaster stories of your own!

If you’d like to come along, email us for joining details (Zoom) or call 01335 343817.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Christianity Explored Course

Christianity Explored The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters.

Why not Join us?

If you'd like to meet with us on Zoom (or in real life when Covid allows) and watch videos, enjoy coffee and biscuits, and chat with a small group of others who have questions, please get in touch to find out when the next course will be run. (You can also contact us with any questions.)

Two Talks which explain more about Christianity:

You'll probably find other helpful audio talks on the sermons page or amongst the videos of our services.

Where Do You Stand? Quizzes

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Ashbourne Baptist Church at St John's, Ashbourne, Derbyshire - by GBAshbourne Baptist Church (at St. John's)

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Ashbourne Baptist Church

St. John the Baptist Church,
(main church building, not the community hall)
4 Buxton Rd, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1EX

Sunday Morning Worship:

11am Family Service
and Sunday School every two weeks

Sunday Evening Worship:

6pm Evening Service


Mid-Week Prayer & Bible Study:

7.30pm Thursdays

(Contact church for details)

Boys' Brigade & Postal Address:

The Empire Ballroom, King Edward Street, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1BW
England UK
(No Sunday Services here!)

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