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7th January 2024

The Mercies Of God

Preacher: Tim Blower

Bible Passages: Romans 12: 1-2

Series: One-off

8th January 2023

The Grand Invitation

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Isaiah 55

Series: One-off

A sermon for the New Year

1st January 2023

Psalm 65: Looking Back And Looking Forward

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Psalm 65

Series: Psalms

New Year's Day 2023 - Sermon in two halves, with hymn.
Summary of the missing opening (only):
A "farm-y" Psalm of praise which refers to Atonement and harvest: we see God as Creator, Gardener, and Provider of abundant, overflowing blessing and bounty. On this first Sunday of the New Year, we look back and forwards. God has blessed us. But has it been with 'extravagant' blessing? God deserves praise, but why? i) WE CAN COME to the saviour of sinners; ii) HE HEARS AND ANSWERS PRAYER iii) INIQUITIES PREVAIL AGAINST US. That sounds bad: we try, but fail, too weak to overcome temptation. But when sins prevail, when we are powerless: God Himself provides atonement, so He can forgive us. He does forgive! "If You, Lord, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, That You may be feared" Ps 130:3. When we fail, stumble and sin; when we're overcome with sin, God Himself provides atonement, not with an animal sacrifice "but with the precious blood of Christ" 1 Pet 1.18-21. (The rest of the sermon has been recorded)

2nd January 2022

All Things Have Become New

Preacher: David Killer

Bible Passages: Romans 8:1-13

Series: Stepping Stones To Glory

3rd January 2021

Hope for 2021

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: 1 Peter 1.1-9

Series: One-off

12th January 2020

New Year's Resolutions

Preacher: Tim Blower

Bible Passages: Colossians 2:6 - 3:17

Series: One-off

5th January 2020

Valuable Work And Vital Worship

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Luke 10: 38-42

Series: One-off

A sermon to start a New Year

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