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12th November 2023

Help For The Hopeless

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Luke 15: 1-24

Series: Remembrance Sunday

A talk for all-ages for Remembrance Day, "Help For The Hopeless" - starting with the true story Henry Dunant, who began The Red Cross.
13th November 2022

Finding Help In Time Of Need

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Hebrews 4: 13; Psalm 91

Series: Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Day Service - sorry, not recorded

14th November 2021

Dying For Someone Else

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Romans 5:6-11

Series: Remembrance Sunday

All-age service for Remembrance Sunday and a childrens' talk, with naval models, about Lt. Cdr. Rupert Lonsdale

8th November 2020

The Difficult Path That Leads To Life

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Exodus 13:17-22;14:10-18; 14:19-31

Series: Exodus

All-age Remembrance Sunday Service

10th November 2019

A Dutch Perspective On Remembrance Day

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Psalms 42, 126, 58, 54 and 11

Series: Remembrance Sunday

11th November 2018

Why Is There War?

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: James 4:1-2

Series: Remembrance Sunday

12th November 2017

Courage in Difficult Situations

Preacher: Nathan Clarke

Bible Passages: Acts 21.15 - 22.22

Series: Acts


Remembrance Sunday Service for all ages(Remembrance Sunday series)

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