at Ashbourne Baptist Church

It looks as though our Fireworks and other autumn fun will go ahead in 2021!
(We really missed all of these treats in the 2020 lockdown for Covid.>

More activities may be posted here or on Facebook (links below) throughout autumn.


Our regular children's and young-people's activities resume as schools return, but we also have special events for autumn, usually for all age groups.

Look out for a few events that happen every year....
Bonfire & Fireworks (click for a Facebook video)

Venue: Our own Boys Brigade campsite in the Ashbourne area


Ashbourne Baptist Church Narrowboat Holiday

Pre-Covid, the Narrowboating holidays were so successful that they will probably become a fixture in our calender for our older young men and young women.
Venue: Grand Union Canal, Stratford upon Avon Canal, Worcester and Birmingham canals. Birmingham area


Boy's Brigade and Girls' Association usually participates in the town Remembrance Day parade.

Facebook Pages & Groups

Keep an eye on Facebook for updates on the autumn events, and for photos after the events.
Extra activities may be posted on Facebook or on this page throughout autumn.

ABC Boys' Brigade Facebook group Ashbourne Baptist Church

ABC Boys' Brigade Facebook group Boys' Brigade


fireworks video link