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Eric Liddell

If you were imagining a "Shrovetide Dream Team" - Eric Liddell would be near the top of the list. Eric Liddell, with Edinburgh University Rugby Team In the 1920's he was one of the fastest runners alive, and he had the strength, skill and guts of an international rugby player. In two seasons he played 14 international rugby matches, and scored 22 tries! His personal best for the 100yd sprint was 9.7 sec - a world record at the time.

Eric Liddell, with Edinburgh University Rugby Team When he refused to take part in the 1924 Olympic 100m race, because it was on a Sunday Liddell was ridiculed by the newspapers. Instead, he ran the 400m. In the words of another athlete: "Liddell ran like a man inspired... every muscle of his body seemed to be working overtime in his wild rush to supreme victory." He won the Olympic Gold and set a new world record of 47.6 sec.

Eric Liddell, with Edinburgh University Rugby TeamFor several years he had been a well-known Christian preacher, and 2 years after his Olympic triumph, he headed to China. Why? "For the world needs Christ!" he said. Liddell worked there for many years, and when World War Two began was held in a Japanese Internment Camp, where he died of a brain tumour, aged 43.

Liddell was a winner. He played international rugby and won scores of medals in athletics. But there was another prize he valued more, he wanted to live his life to please and obey God. Liddell loved athletics and sports. But there was something even better. He said: "Many people are missing out on life, because they are content with second best. Let me tell you what I have found to be the best, one who is worthy of all our devotion — Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour for the young and old..."

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