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One Rule: Do Not Kill Your Opponent

The Shrovetide Souvenir Postcards Collection
2019: Satisfying Our Appetites

The Henmore Brook provided fresh water Ashbourne was once a medieval village situated on a small stream, the Henmore Brook, which was the source of fresh water. Times have changed now, but the Shrovetide Football Game is still focussed on the river. Hundreds of boots may muddy its water today, as the hug moves towards Sturston or Clifton. Water mill These goals stand by the riverside and are made up of two old millstones. 700 years before Aldi, there was a watermill grinding corn to make flour at Sturston and local farms were producing the necessary crops. The Game's traditions honour the role of river and mills in satisfying the appetites for water and bread and water. But we have another appetite, for something far greater: Eternal Life. There is peace, forgiveness of sins and joy that can only be found in Jesus Christ. glass of fresh water Jesus used the same two images as he spoke to the ordinary people in his community, calling himself "The Bread of Life" and "Living Water". Water and bread may help keep us alive, but only Jesus can give that meaning and purpose to life that we are eager to know. Jesus' death on the cross was to give us real life. Bread Then he rose from the dead, so that we might have a certain hope for everalsting life too. As you enjoy the excitement of the game, consider that appetite that you have for meaning and hope - the life that only Jesus can give.

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