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One Rule: Do Not Kill Your Opponent

The 2018 Shrovetide Souvenir Postcard:
Are You Going in the Right Direction?

Did you read the front of the card? "It's a tough game. There has always been one rule - do not kill your opponent.
It can snow, hail or blow a gale - the game goes on. It has Royal patronage. Your goal is out of sight most of the time...
It’s a lot like LIFE. Do you know the rules? Do you know which way you’re going?
...and in the end...will you make it?


How many lies have you told - ever?
Have you ever...
1. __ taken something that wasn't yours? (music? a pen?)
2. __ used God's name carelessly (for instance, as a swear-word - OMG, JC?)
3. __ disobeyed your parents?

Do not murder. It’s a basic law - for Shrovetide and life.
The three questions above are taken from God’s Law (the Ten Commandments) — how did you do with those?


God is 'just'. The word 'just' is used in the same way we use it for a criminal judge - a 'justice' of the peace. Jesus not only upholds justice - he is justice. So it is clear that he has to judge us for breaking His Law. If you’ve ever (even once) lied, stolen, blasphemed or disobeyed your parents, you are a guilty criminal in God’s eyes. He can’t simply 'let you off’. Justice must be done. We, the guilty, must be given what we have earned: Death and hell.
Does that concern you? It should.


God is perfect in love as well as in judgement. How can these two things exist together? Like this: God is rich in mercy. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. So, before he even created the world he prepared a rescue plan to fully satisfy both his justice and his love - without twisting either of them. Imagine: you owe £1 million debt you can’t pay — but a stranger pays it for you. You’re free!

Now, see what the love of God did: At the right time, while we were sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus Christ willingly suffered our punishment on the cross, to pay our debt to God in full, and the third day he rose from the dead, defeating death - all to save the guilty. No greater price could have been paid.

to be given this valuable gift:

(ask God to help you with both things)

  • Repent: which means, be sorry that you have sinned against God - the kind of sorry that makes you turn your life around to go God’s way from now on. Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation.
  • Trust in Jesus: trust that Jesus is God, who came to save you, and did every-thing necessary. (No effort of yours to ‘be good’ or ‘pay your own way’ can help. That’s why Jesus said: ‘It is finished!’) It’s a gift!

When you repent and trust in Jesus, whatever your sin, he will make you clean and new. You will enjoy God now (even in troubles) and in heaven forever! So listen to him as you read your Bible daily and obey it. Join a church of like-minded believers. Keep going till you reach heaven. God will never let you down.

You are very welcome to come along to Ashbourne Baptist Church to find out more, or to ask questions. We meet at 10.25am and 5.55pm every Sunday, at the Empire Ballroom, Ashbourne (at the entrance to Sainsbury's car park).

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