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The 2018 Shrovetide Souvenir Postcard Is Out

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ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire, February 13th 2018 — We start distributing the new 2018 Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Souvenir Postcards at lunchtime on Shrove Tuesday at the Ashbourne Shrovetide Football game. Don't miss yours...
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Tom Boulton-Lear (Down'ards) Goals the First Shrovetide Ball

2018 Ashbourne Shrovetide Football News: First Goal scorer Tom Boulton-Lear
Tom Boulton-Lear (Down'ards) Goals the First Ball at 2018 Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football © Courtney Groom 2018

ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire, February 13th 2018 — Tom Boulton-Lear goaled the Shrove Tuesday ball for the Down'ards at Clifton, shortly before 8.45pm. The crowd - successfully broken apart by the distraction of several dummy breaks - grew confused when the ball seemed to disappear for an hour, leaving only a 1 hour scoring-window. They hit the social networks with rumours of breaks, runs and goals. A few people set off for Sturston Mill. At least a hundred dashed hopefully to Clifton Mill. They didn't have to wait long in the freezing conditions before the water players appeared in the river, and Tom successfully goaled the first ball of this year's game.

Congratulations, Tom!

Barrie Swan (Up'ards) Goals Wednesday's Shrovetide Ball - it's a draw!

ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire, February 14th 2018 — Barrie Swan goaled the Shrove Wednesday ball for the Up'ards at Sturston Mill, shortly before 8.45pm. A lot of the play was in Park Avenue during the afternoon, with the up'ards making a dramatic break over a garden wall and key players following up through the house. In the evening, play moved to the fields on the up'ards side of town, until the hug dispersed in darkness, allowing the ball to disappear around 6.30pm. About hour later, the hug reappeared, headed for the river, and Barrie scored goaled the final ball of this year's game at Sturston Mill.

Congratulations, Barrie!

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